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My name is Steve and I’m the “Webmaster” (I love that term – like I should have my own comic book) for Jonboataccessories.com

Steve on Boat

I’ve been a fishing for bass since I was 8 years old.  It was over 30 years ago since my father took me to his favorite lake near our Northern California home. The Bass eluded me for close to two years – but it wasn’t for want of trying. And it certainly didn’t dampen my enthusiasm any.

When I watched my old man reel in those big ‘ol bass into the boat, it only hardened my resolution. Looking back, those times on the lake were among my happiest childhood memories. Certainly, fishing and watersports have stuck with me far longer than the brief forays into football, baseball and the other sports of our youth.

We used to go out on the lake in and old wooden Jon Boat that had been in the family for decades. My father has since upgraded to a newer model (he’s figured he’s “paid his dues” and truth be told the newer boat is less effort to get out and in – especially with the Powerdrive V2 motor) but he still loves Jons.

As I got older, I fished for Bass around the country, but as the saying goes “There’s no place like home”. I’d like to think that I make that particular lake pay for holding on to its bounty for so long! Then again – there are some days that make me feel 8-years old all over again.

About Jonboataccesseries.com

I know my family and myself are not alone in loving jon boats. I also know when you first get one – they’re pretty barren. You do need to do quite a lot of work to get them ready for the bass or duck hunting season. Probably quite a bit more to get it exactly how you’d like it. – if that is even possible.

So I thought I’d share my over 30 years experience of modifying these boats and also some tips for bass and duck hunting. Now, I’ve learned a bit along the way, but I also hope to rope in some experts to write some guest posts as well. Fishing is a sport of continual learning and practice and we can all benefit from shared experiences and cautionary tales!

I also started this site because I ‘d like to promote the bond that fishing brings between family and friends. In this short-attention, screen dominated “Smart Time”, it’s good to promote spending some quality time out on the water. I can’t prove it but I believe, it’s damn good for your health, too!

If you have any comments, suggestions or would even like to submit an article, please use the “Contact us” form.

May your days be plain sailing and your bounty be plentiful!