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5 Of The Best Jon Boat Covers in 2020

Purchasing a Jon boat cover has many advantages. A good cover can protect your boat from the triple-threat of sun, rain and snow. It can also deter thieves from pilfering from your boat.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best jon boat covers for any sized boat and budget in 2020.

Cover Buying Tips

When purchasing a cover, look for one that is strong and will fit your boat properly and provide long term dependable coverage.

Thin materials that are made of poor quality materials will rip and tear easily. Heavy duty materials will last much longer and are well worth the extra price.

You’ll find covers usually come in different grades of denier. Some are as low as 150, be we recommend going with 300 denier and above.

Lastly, you’ll want a cover that is protected by an adequate warranty. A 1-year warranty is definitely on the miserly side. After all, that’s just one winter. The best ones have a 5 year warranty and you’ll find 3-years is about average.

Recommended Jon Boat Covers

Let’s take a look at some of the better covers that you can purchase for your boat.

Marine Raider

Marine Raider makes two models which are inexpensive and well made:

B -300 Cover

The B-300 model is for a 14 foot boat that has a width up to 70 inches. It is made of treated heavy-duty polyester which is made to resist ultra-violet radiation, mildew, and it repels water.

The cover is made of 300 denier and is gray. It is reinforced with extra fabric at the bow and stern which makes the cover stronger and more durable. It also includes trailering straps so that you can easily tie it down. You can find the B-300 priced at only about $50.00.

C-300 Cover

The second model from Marine Raider is the C-300. It features the exact properties of the B-300, but this model is larger and can fit a 16 foot Jon Boat with a width of up to 75 inches. Because it is a little larger than the B-300, it is priced a little higher and retails for approximately $55.00.

Attwood R Max 600

Many people want heavy-duty covers that are made of thicker, stronger material. The Attwood R Max 600 is made of 600 denier which makes it very strong and resistant to ripping and tearing. Also, it’s got a 5 year warranty so they really stand behind their product.

The R Max 600 cover has double folded cross seams and is reinforced in the areas that are prone to wear. Made of 100% polyester, this cover resists UV rays and repels water, keeping your boat dry and free of mold and mildew.

If your boat has an outboard motor, Attwood has covers which include a separate motor hood that will keep your motor protected from the elements also.

You can purchase the Attwood 600  for approximately $150.00.

Dallas Manufacturing 300D

Dallas Manufacturing also makequalityJon Boat covers that are competitively priced. Their covers carry a 3 year warranty and are made of 300 denier.

The fabric is reinforced at both the bow and stern and these covers have reinforced web loops at the tie down areas.

Dallas covers are trailerable and tie-down. Trailer straps are also included.

Depending on your boat size, Dallas Jon Boat covers generally retail between $70.00 and $100.00.

Classic Accessories Jon Boat Cover

If you have a small Jon Boat that is 10 feet or less, Classic Accessories makes a cover for your boat. This is great news as most manufacturers don’t go that small.

Their cover is olive green and comes in a convenient storage bag. It features their trademarked “Weathered Protected” fabric that is made of polyester and resists mold and mildew.

Unlike other varieties, this one ties down around the bottom of the boat with no straps over the top of the boat. The tie down rope is included This feature prevents UV rays from discoloring the cover where the ropes would wrap around the top.

The D- rings that the rope attaches to are scratch resistant so that they will not rub the paint off of the boat.

This cover also features dual air vents to prevent any moisture from building up underneath. The dual vents also prevent wind from getting in and causing ballooning.

Classic Accessories Jon Boat Covers are very popular amongst outdoorsmen, and they have received high ratings from buyers.

You can purchase one of these covers for approximately $60.00 from many outdoor stores or cheaper online.

Harbor Master 300 Denier Jon Boat Cover

Harbor Master have a great range of Jon Boat covers and their 300 Denier Gray cover has received almost flawless reviews online.

The gray cover looks stylish (so your neighbors might be abated), has a cut out for the motor and plenty of quick-release, tie-down straps.

This model also features a sewn in shock cord so it fits snugly around the top of your boat. This really helps protect it against the wind and rain.

The straps come with a life-time warranty and the cover itself has 5-years.

If you shop around, you can find the Harbor Master 300 for under $50, which is great value.

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