camaouflage boat mats

The Best Camouflage Mats For Your Jon Boat

Instead of painting, many jon boaters use camouflage boat mats to camouflage the inside of their boat.

Why Use Boat Mats?

Camouflage mats make a great choice if you’re duck hunting. Birds flying overhead can’t detect your boat in the surrounding habitat and will often fly right over.

They also help dampen noise and make the flooring more comfortable in both winter and summer.

The Advantage of Mats

When examined further, the addition of mats to a jon boat has quite a few advantages:

1. They reduce noise in the boat so you can move around more quietly without alarming nearby game or fish.
2. They protect the boat’s original or painted finish. The padding prevents scratches from coolers and other equipment inside the boat.
3. They provide a comfortable rest for your feet and insulate to keep your feet warmer during cold weather outings.
4. They need no glue or other adhesives.
5. They are quick and easy to install in your boat and also can be removed and interchanged with other colors very easily.

Recommended Camo Mats

Bass Pro Shops sells the new “Styx River Camo Neo-Mats” for the Tracker Grizzly line of Jon Boats.

The mats are individually sold in sections that include the floor mat, front deck mat, and rear deck mat. You can also purchase a mat kit that includes all three sections at a reduced price. If you are covering your boat with mats, you can expect to pay $600.00 to $800.00.

These mats come in four different camouflage patterns to help you blend into any surrounding. The patterns are: Muddy Water, RealTree Max 4, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, and Mossy Oak Break-Up.

Hydroturf Mats

Hydroturf mats are also a popular option for camouflage boat mats. They are basically “closed cell” foam mats, that repel water and are stain-resistant.

They also do a much better job than say a spray-in-liner for the floor and front-deck of a duck boat. In the winter your poor pooch will be freezing lying on the floor, and it the summer the heat will be akin to a BBQ. With Hydroturf you can walk barefoot without cooking your feet!

You can buy hydroturf direct from or there’s a similar variety at from Gator Trax Boats.  A 40″ by 62″ sheet is around $60, and it’ll usually take 4 to cover an 18′ boat with some scraps left over.

Jon Boat Flooring

If you would like matting to prevent you from slipping and to camouflage the inside of your boat, you can make it out of rubber or vinyl flooring. You will be hard pressed to find the flooring in camouflage but you can use solid black and then paint it yourself with Hunter’s Specialties Camo paint.

Anti-fatigue mats are pretty inexpensive and make a great option for aluminum jon boats. They’re especially good to give a dog something to lie on other than cold metal.

Lie hydroturf, a lot of anti-fatigue mats are made from closed-cell foam. This means they won’t absorb water. They’re also able to fit together like a jig-saw and won’t move about when fitted together. They’re available in many hardware stores and online.


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