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Jon Boat Lights – Regulations & Recommendations in 2019

Jon Boat lights are a necessity if you plan on boating at night or during low light conditions. Boats should be properly equipped with lights so that other boaters can easily spot your craft at night and maneuver away to avoid collisions.

Boat Light Regulations

According to the United States Coast Guard, Jon Boats must follow lighting regulations that have been made to ensure the safety of all boaters.

At a minimum, Jon Boaters need to carry a good flashlight to shine at other approaching boats. However, Jon Boats that are powered by an engine are mandated to have similar lighting to other power boats.

What Color Lights?

In general, Jon Boats fall into the small boat classification and need to have an all-round white light at the stern and green/red bow lights.
The red light is supposed to be displayed portside while the green light is on the starboard side of the boat. Another acceptable way to display lights is to have the all-round white stern light and lights mounted to the sides of the boat.

What is the Cost of Lights?

There are numerous manufacturers of lights that are suitable for Jon Boats. Most of the time you can find each light for under $50.00.

Types of Lights

You can choose from lights that require electrical hook-up to your boat battery or LED models that require AAA batteries. The types of lights that can be installed on Jon Boats include bow lights, stern lights, transom lights, and side lights.

Recommended Jon Boat Lights

Although usually not required by law, side lights and additional stern lights also help other boaters to take notice of you when you are out in your Jon Boat.

Bass Pro Shops sells a good quality all-round white stern light for approximately $30.00. The light has 6 LED white lights which require 12 volts to operate. It folds down when not in use. To mount this light, you will need to drill four holes and attach it with nuts and bolts.

You can also purchase a nice bow light from Bass Pro. You can choose from Bass Pro’s clamp-on model that simply clamps onto the front of your boat or you can affix an Attwood Quasar Bi-Color Bow Light.

The Attwood Bi-Color requires that holes be drilled to mount the light with screws and a center hole so that the light when mounted sits flush. If you decide to go with a clamp-on model, you will need to carry AAA batteries with you in your boat in case your batteries go dead while you are boating at night.

Sea Sense makes a telescopic 12 volt stern light for boaters that want this option. This light is easier to store than the longer standard stern lights. Sea Sense also offers a variety of other stern lights that are of fixed length or can fold down. Their bow light extends 14 inches above the bow and is visible in a 225 degree radius from the front. It also features wire plugs that can quickly be connected or disconnected making this light easy to put up and take down each trip.

Jon Boat Navigation Lights

Shoreline Marine, as well as Attwood Lights, manufactures good navigation lights in different styles. They can be  be mounted along each side of your boat.

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