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Jon Boat Paint – Tips & Suggestions

Many people who purchase Jon Boats hunt with them. Therefore, it is important that the boats are painted so that they do not spook the wildlife or waterfowl. Thankfully, there are a few different options for jon boat paint and we’ll discuss them in this article.

Hide Your Boat!

Most of the Jon Boats today come from the manufacturers in a drab green or brown solid pattern. And, although, these boats do not shine like aluminum boats that aren’t painted, they still stand out when attempting to hide amongst vegetation.

For this reason, you can choose a paint pattern, or mats to place inside your boat, to camouflage your boat for any hunting or fishing environment.

Remove Old Paint

Before painting your boat, you need to make sure that it is clean and free of peeling paint from former paint jobs. You will need a scraper to scrape off any peeling paint before attempting to repaint.

Another method to take off old and peeling paint is to use a wire brush. A pressure washer can really help you to get your boat super clean for a new paint job. Use a product like Rustoleum’s Multi-Purpose Krud Kutter which will take care of mud, dirt, and grease.

The key to a successful paint job is to remember to get your boat as clean as possible before attempting to paint. Some people recommend cleaning your boat, sanding it, and then painting with primer.

Once your boat is clean and dry, you are ready for paint primer or a paint that does not require primer.

Jon Boat Primer

If you desire to paint your boat with oil-based paint, you should first primer it. A jon boat primer is sold by Cabela’s and is called, “Parker Duck Boat Primer.”

This primer is an excellent choice for aluminum boats as it protects the aluminum from corrosion and it prepares the boat to maximize the adhesion of oil-based paints.

Jon Boat Camo Paint

There are many camouflage paints for jon boats to choose from. Parker makes excellent paints for boats, or you can choose other paints like Hunter’s Specialties Camo, Aluma Hawk Green, or Duralux Camouflage.

Duralux boat paint is vinyl-based, and although it is fairly expensive, there is no need for a primer and it is also easy to clean.

Camouflage Kits for Jon Boats

Hunter’s Specialties makes a “Camouflage Kit”, that is ideal for painting Jon Boats if you desire to just use spray paint. The kit comes with four cans of spray paint each containing a different color.

The colors are: Flat Black, Mud Brown, Olive Drab, and Marsh Grass. The Hunter’s kit also includes stencils that look like ferns to further enhance the camouflage. Spray paints for Jon Boats are not expensive and you can purchase this kit for approximately $30.00.

Camouflage Mats

Many people refrain from painting their boat camouflage but instead use mats to cover the inside of the boat.

Camouflage mats are an excellent choice when waterfowling. The birds overhead cannot distinguish between the boat and the natural surroundings and, therefore, will oftentimes fly right over. It’s wise to color co-ordinate your boat mats with the exterior paint you have chosen.

You can find our page “Jon Boat Camouflage Mat” for more on this topic.

Here’s a video from youtube on painting your jon boat using some of the methods detailed in this article.

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