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Jon Boat Seats – Types & Recommendations for 2020

When it comes to jon boat seats, there really are a lot of options.

Most boats when purchased have the standard bench seating. This seating can be uncomfortable; however, there are a lot of choices in seats that can make your boating experience much more comfortable.

The challenge comes in balancing comfort with carrying too much load – an easy thing to do!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you modify your seating and keep your load down.

Jon Boat Seats

When it comes to seats for Jon Boats, there are plenty of choices you can make. We’ll now look at a couple of recommended seat manufacturers, Shoreline Marine and Wise.

Shoreline Marine Seats

Shoreline Marine makes a sturdy green plastic seat that mounts to standard swivels.

This design can support up to a 250-pound fisherman or hunter and is made with heavy-duty plastic.

Shoreline Marine also makes a couple of padded seats that fit nicely into jon boats, too.

High Back / Low-Back Boat Seats

Lumbar / back support is an important consideration when choosing a comfortable seat. You can choose a low-back boat seat that supports the lower back or you can opt for a high-back seat supports the entire back.

The low-back seats, as well as, the high-back seats fold down for storage and transport. The differences between the two types of seats are price and color choice.

Shoreline Marine’s low-back seat is offered in a “sand” color which is a fine choice for boats venturing out on fishing trips. It is also offered in a camouflage pattern for hunters.

Both types can support a 275-pound outdoorsman. The high-back seat is offered in white and sand.

And, like the low-back seat is also made with UV protected materials so they will last a long time without fading and cracking in the sun.

Camouflage Plastic Seats

Shoreline Marine also manufactures camouflage plastic seats that are strong and able to support 275 lbs.

These seats come in either brown or green plastic trim and feature the classic Mossy Oak Duck Blind pattern camouflage which is ideal for duck hunters. They are easy to mount and they fold down for convenient storage and transport.

Wise Boat Seats

Another manufacturer of high-quality Jon Boat seats is Wise.

Wise specializes in Jon Boat seats that are very comfortable and well-priced. Their seats come highly recommended from outdoor enthusiasts and their product line is extensive. They sell nine different types of seats that are a great addition to any Jon Boat.

Like Shoreline Marine, they offer the high and low back seats. But, they have many more types to choose from. Their ergonomic seats are very comfortable and are made to withstand years of outdoor use.

Ergonomic Seats

Wise currently has two models of ergonomic seats; the Torsa Trailhawk  (pictured above) and the Torsa Scout (below)).

The difference between the two is the seat padding cover material. The Trailhawk features high-quality Cordura fabric while the Scout utilizes vinyl.

Camouflage Seat Patterns

Both the Trailhawk and the Scout come in three different camouflage patterns to choose from. These colors are: Duck Blind, Shadow Grass, and Break-Up. You can also choose a Hardwoods pattern for the Scout seat or a Max 5 pattern for the Trailhawk.

Wise’s high and low-back seats feature a no-pinch hinge so you will not harm yourself when folding or unfolding them. They both come in the Natural Gear or Max 5 camouflage pattern.

Their folding plastic seats come in a camouflage pattern for any outdoor situation. You can pick from a variety of patterns and color combinations. They come in a tan, green, or brown plastic shell.

Camouflage patterns include: Shadow Grass, Duck Blind, Break-Up, All-Purpose Green, and Advantage Max 4.

Clam Shell Seat

Wise also offers a clam shell Jon Boat seat. A lot of times, it’s actually cheaper to buy a new seat that have the old ones repaired by a pro.

These seats feature snap-on seat cushions which can be bought from Wise in different camouflage patterns.

If you need seats for different hunting situations, this seat is an excellent choice as you can change the pattern to fit your outdoor surroundings.

Mid Back Seats for Lumbar Support

Wise developed a seat with contoured foam that supports the middle back. This is great if you have back problems or just need the extra support.

These mid-back seats also come in several different camouflage patterns. What’s nice about them is the cushion is particularly high quality. You can go on all day fishing trips and they won’t go flat like other cheaper models.

They are also o.k for the larger outdoorsman. If you’re 6″3 and close to 30o lb’s they’ll still give you a comfortable float – but you might want to look into the “Big Man” design below.

Big Man Seat

There are some big men that enjoy the outdoors and Wise did not forget about them. Wise’s Big Man seat is extra-wide and also has a no pinch hinge.

If you’re sore and tired from using bench seats – these are the ones for you. They’re extra-wide and have more padding than regular boat seats. This makes them great if you’re getting on a bit in years or have back issues.

Basically, they’re good for anybody who wants to stay out fishing for longer in more comfort!

Boat Bench Seat

Another popular seat from Wise is their Camouflage Bench Seat.

These bench seats come with your choice of vinyl or Cordura fabric and are offered in Shadow Grass or Max 5 camouflage.

Pro Seat

Wise also makes a Pro Seat for boaters that don’t like a high-seat but like cushioning on the standard bench seat. These seats also come in several camouflage patterns.

Seating Cushions

If you do not want to spend much money to make your ride more comfortable, you can simply purchase a seating cushion.

Stearns makes a seating cushion in either camouflage or fluorescent orange which are great quality. These seating pads are also U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices in case of an accident where someone falls out of the boat.

Swivel Seats & Clamps

When hunting or fishing, it is important to be able to rotate to different positions. A swivel seat can accomplish this.

In order to mount swivel seats in your Jon Boat you first need a seat clamp. A good seat clamp is made of steel. Springfield manufactures a well-constructed swivel seat clamp for approximately pretty cheaply.

This seat clamp is a good choice because it adjusts from 8 inches up to 20 and a half inches and can be used on bench seats on newer boats or it can be used on the smaller seats found on older Jon Boats. It’s also about the same price as the one from Wise – but that one doesn’t come with a swivel.

Boat Seat Slider Bracket

Some people prefer to be able to slide back and forth on their bench seat. A slider mounting bracket is needed to accomplish this.

SliderG5 makes a sturdy well-constructed sliding bracket for around $90.00. This bracket allows you to slide from side to side on your Jon Boat bench seat and it also has pins that will prevent your seat from sliding if you desire to stay put.

And, with the SliderG5, you can slide your seats right off of the bracket and keep them clean and indoors until your next boating adventure.

There is a Jon Boat seat for all situations and preferences.

The main point when venturing out on your boat is to stay comfortable throughout hours of sitting time by choosing an appropriate seat.

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