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What are the Different Jon Boat Sizes?

There are different Jon Boat sizes to accommodate many different uses. It’s important to have the correct size boat for your intended use (i.e fishing, duck hunting) and the size of the body of water you’ll be floating it on.

Jon Boat Sizes

Jon Boats typically range from as little as 8 feet all the way up to over 20 feet. The smaller 8 foot boats are becoming harder to find as more people are opting for a little larger boat.

The common sizes are 10 to 15 feet, and there are quite a few Jon Boat manufacturers that target this size.

What Size Boat Do You Need?

One of the main factors to think of when choosing the correct boat size is the bodies of water that you plan on using it on.

Obviously, if you are planning on fishing a large lake that has the potential for big waves, you should opt for a larger boat so that you don’t capsize.

An 8 foot boat in the middle of a Great Lake is not a good idea, even if you are well below the recommended weight limit.

When You Need a Trailer

As boat size increases, they become more difficult to transport. If you don’t have a truck and boat trailer, you should probably go with a small boat that can be transported on the top of your vehicle.

Jon Boats are light when compared to other boats, however; a 12 foot jon boat without any gear can weigh 600 pounds.  It is unlikely that two people would be able to load a 12 foot boat on their vehicle.

An 8 foot aluminum boat only weighs approximately 100 pounds, while a 15 foot boat weighs nearly 300 pounds. For this reason, most boats over 10 feet long are trailered.

The Advantages of Larger Boats

Some people prefer to have a large jon boat and you can find boats over 20 feet. There are advantages to having a large boat.

Larger boats don’t get tossed as much in wavy conditions; they can utilize a larger horsepower motor; and they can hold more gear like duck decoys, fishing equipment, or coolers. Typically, the longer and wider a boat is – the more stable.

Bigger Boat…Bigger Engine!

When you increase the size of your boat, you increase the amount of space that you will have but you also increase the size of the motor that you will need to power the boat.

Here are the common jon boat sizes along with the size of the motor that is recommended for them. For this example, common sized Lund boats were referenced.

  • 10 foot – maximum 3 hp engine
  • 12 foot – maximum 10 hp engine
  • 14 foot – maximum 15 hp engine
  • 14 foot wide beam – maximum 25 hp engine
  • 16 foot – maximum 35 hp engine
  • 18 foot – maximum 65 hp engine

Wider = More Stable

Wider boats are generally more stable and you can use a greater horsepower with them.

The common beam widths of Jon Boats are approximately:

  • 48 inches for a 10 foot boat
  • 48 to 60 inches for a 12 foot boat
  • 57 to 70 inches for a 14 foot boat
  • 75 inches for an 18 foot boat.

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