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Jon Boat Cart Tips & Options

Jon boat carts are used to transport boats from the top of a vehicle to either the water or storage area. Some people purchase small canoe or kayak carts to transport their jon boat; however; the wide width of jon boats makes this a little difficult.

Advantages of a Jon Boat Cart

Jon boat carts are needed in certain circumstances. They can help you relocate your boat into or out of storage and they can make it much easier to portage.

They are essential when approaching a body of water that does not allow any motorized vehicles. In this case, you cannot back a trailer into the area to launch. It is necessary to either carry your boat or haul it with a cart.

Beware of Thin Carts

Most boat carts are made for thinner boats like canoes or kayaks and wide jon boats have the potential to slide and fall off during transport and need to be balanced by a couple people.

If you need a jon boat cart, make sure that it is wide and sturdy enough to safely carry your boat.

Check The Weight Limit

When purchasing a cart for moving your jon boat, make sure that you are within the weight limit.

Most of the carts made by manufacturers cannot carry over 300 pounds. This can be exceeded by a larger jon boat with fishing or hunting gear in it.

A Cart for Wider Jon Boats

One carrier that is built for wider jon boats is  the “Personal Watercraft PWC Dolly”. It is 48” long by 34” wide and made by C.E. Smith.

This dolly is recommended for transporting your boat into your garage or storage area, but not recommended for transporting your jon boat to the body of water, unless on pavement.

The reason for this is the wheels are too small for rough terrain. This is a problem that you’ll find with many jon boat carts and why many jon boaters choose to build their own.

DIY Jon Boat Cart

It’s not too difficult to build a cart that is able to securely transport a jon boat. For the $100 or so that you’d spend on a cart, you can buy a lot of parts to help.

One big advantage of building your own cart is that you can make it with sturdier metal and wheels that won’t damage or blow out due to the extra weight of gear. This can happen with many of the boat carts on sale today.

For example, you can buy ballon wheel axle kits for less than $50.

Use a Hand Truck

One method of building your own cart is to use a hand truck. Harbor freight tools sells hand trucks at an affordable price. Hand trucks are made to carry heavier weights and make excellent affordable jon boat carts.

Basically, all you need to do is cut the platform off of the bottom of the hand truck and use a ratchet strap to hold it to the bottom of your boat. You can then easily move your jon boat, even by yourself.

Another advantage to using a hand truck as a jon boat cart is that the top of the truck acts just like a stand so your boat will not rub against the ground when the boat is not lifted.

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