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Fishing from a Jon Boat

Fishing from a jon boat is an excellent way to catch fish that many other fisherman cannot reach.

Jon Boat Fishing
Fishing from a heavily-laden jon boat

In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of fishing from a jon boat and how they can help you catch more fish.

Stealth Mode!

Jon boats can be paddled quietly over shallow water and this practice does not spook fish. Larger boats are incapable of doing this due to the fact that they have large engines. In contrast, there’s many electric trolling motors available for Jon Boats that can put them in “Stealth Mode”.
Access All Areas

Submerged vegetation and other structures, like logs, prevent larger boats from accessing certain areas because they could damage their motors. Jon boats can easily be trolled or paddled into areas with thick vegetation where many fish locate such as bass, trout, crappies, bluegills, walleyes, northern pike, and muskellunge.

No Rock n Roll Fishing

Due to the fact that jon boats are wide and usually have a flat bottom, they are very stable. For this reason, it is very easy to stand in the boat while fishing. By standing in the boat, the fisherman can cover a greater amount of water in a shorter time period while casting lures.

Other boats like canoes present challenges, as you cannot stand in them. Jon boats, however, are the perfect boat to choose if you want to stand and fish.

If you do decide to stand and fish while in your jon boat, make sure that you are wearing a floatation device in case you lose your balance in the boat and accidentally fall in the water. If you are fishing with a buddy or two, you can just leave the floatation devices in the boat but make sure all fishermen know exactly where they are at, in case of an accident.

Swivel Seats

Unlike canoes and kayaks, jon boats can be equipped with swivel seats. The swivel seats allow the jon boater to fish as fast as if he were standing and generally when you are fishing for gamefish, you will catch more fish if you cover more water.

Go Trolling!

One of the big advantages of fishing from a jon boat is that you can troll very slowly. It is easy to cast a couple rods out over the stern, turn the trolling motor on, and slowly cover a large amount of water. You can also troll by manually paddling the boat which is very hard to do with other types of boats.

Fly Fishing Capabilities

Not only can you troll slowly with a jon boat, you can also fly fish out of a jon boat. You can reach areas with very little fishing pressure and cast poppers and flies to hungry panfish and bass that are feeding on the surface.

The chief advantage of fly fishing from a jon boat is that there usually are no problems with the back cast. Fisherman from shore run into difficulties due to trees and vegetation that lies behind them. You can maneuver a jon boat so that you can fly fish without snagging anything on your back cast.

Great Stationary Fishing

Jon boats also make a great choice for stationary fishing. They are very light so a lighter anchor holds them firmly in one spot. And, you can purchase rod holders to hold your rods while you are waiting for the fish to bite.

You can purchase cheap rod holders for around $4.00 or $5.00, however; the nicer one’s like Eagle Claw’s Deluxe Clamp-on Rod Holder cost around $25.00. This is a nice rod holder for stationary boat fishing because you only need to hand turn a knob to attach it to the side of the boat.

Drift Fishing

Rod holders also really help if you drift fish. Drift fishing is when you just let the wind, waves, or current of a river take you wherever it takes you.

With trolling, you can regulate your speed, but oftentimes, when drift fishing you cannot. If it is real windy, you can lower an anchor down into the water to slow your drift. When you do this, the anchor can get caught up in structure. It is best to do this in deeper water that lacks trees, logs, and large rocks.

Due to the light weight of jon boats, they are an excellent choice if you like to drift fish. It does not take much wind or water movement to move a jon boat.

Bigger is Always Better

Many fishermen choose a jon boat that is too small for the amount of gear and number of fishermen that they take in the boat. This creates a situation that can result in accidents when fishermen are moving around in the boat.

Try not to do this, or else eventually somebody is going to hook a nice fish and trip over something in the boat and either break a rod or worse yet, end up in the water. When fishing from a jon boat, you want to make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit of the boat also, or else the boat can ride too low.

Essential Gear for Jon Boat Fishing

When fishing from a jon boat, you want to have all of the gear that will make your fishing trip enjoyable.

Don’t forget to have face nets and/or bug spray because often, out on the water, the mosquitoes, gnats, and no-see-ums can be pretty thick.

You should also have sunscreen because the sun bouncing off of the water can produce sunburns very quickly. A fishing hat with a wide brim is always a good idea also for everyone in the boat. Hats and sunglasses reduce the glare off of the water and result in less eye strain.

Many bass fisherman use baitcasting reels and flip lures. But in a jon boat, you can use any type of rod or reel that you prefer. You can decide to use spinning rods and reels with spinners as your fishing lures or you can also choose spincast reels that are best suited for casting bobbers with live bait or dropping sinkers with live bait.

Increased Coverage

With a jon boat, you can usually cover a small lake in a day. The major benefit to this is that if you find yourself fishing in one area of the lake and you’re not catching anything, you can easily move around until you find fish.

Before you go on your next fishing trip consider how a jon boat can improve your fishing experience.

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