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Jon Boat covers can help protect your boat from the elements and save you cleaning time. They’ll also help your boat last longer and ensure it’s ready-to-go whenever you are.

You can click for our page “5 of the Best Jon Boat Covers“, and also find helpful tips and information below.

Jon Boat Cover Prices

Compared to the cost of the boat itself or a carport, Jon Boat covers are pretty inexpensive.

They start at slightly more than $30 and a custom-made one with motor hood can be around $200. Naturally, the cost of the cover also varies with size.

At the lower end of the scale you’ll notice a difference in material and fit. They usually aren’t that great at repelling rain or dealing with snow. Cheap boat covers can also be damaged by the sun and turn powdery and brittle.

However, if you shop around you can usually get a decent cover for around $50 – $75.

Types of Covers

When buying a cover for your Jon Boat, you’ll notice there’s 3 main types. Standard / “Universal”, semi-custom and custom.

It’s worth reading customer reviews for “Universal” sizes, as sometimes they run too small or too large. With a “Semi Custom” you can choose the style and shape of your boat (and not just the length). You’ll usually receive some kind of strapping system and buckles to help get a better fit.

A “Custom Cover” is designed for the exact brand and model of boat you have. Which is great if you have one of the more popular brands like Lund or Alumacraft.

Both semi-custom and custom covers are usually trailerable and will probably include an outboard motor hood.

Cover Manufacturers

There are many Jon Boat cover manufacturers on the market today. Here’s a brief summary of some of the more popular ones:


Boat owners of all shapes and sizes love Cabelos covers. They specifically make Jon Boat covers of the 12′, 14′, 16, and 18′ variety. With 300 denier material and a 3-year warranty on all covers, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Marine Raider

Marine Raider have a couple of top-rated jon boat covers, the b300 and c300.

They fit 1ft and 16ft sizes of boat. Just like Cabelos, they are 300 denier and have a 3 year warranty. You’ll also find they’re slightly cheaper than cabelos, too.

Attwood Marine

Attwood have jon boat covers at both ends of the market. They have 14ft-16ft “Silver” cover, which you can get for around $50.

They also have a great range of 12ft – 18ft “custom fit” 600 denier covers which run from $125 to just over $200, depending on size.

They offer a 5-year warranty, which really sets them apart from the competition.

Harbor Master

Harbor Master have a large, inexpensive range of Jon Boat cover for all sizes. Their 300 denier covers 12ft – 18ft boats, and is priced from $35 to $50 and change.

They also have 300 / 600 denier covers for under $100 too.

Dallas Manufacturers

Dallas Manufacturers have some decent Jon Boat covers for all sizes. They are 300 denier, trailerable and come with a three-year warranty.

Expect to pay from $75 – $100 depending on the size of your boat.

Classic Accessories

If you’re looking for a small Jon Boat cover 10ft or less, classic accessories are worth checking out.

They have a patented “Weather Protected” fabric, made of polyester. It has great reviews for protecting against UV radiation, mold and mildew.

Classic Accessories also make covers for 12 – 14ft boats and you can get them for under $50.

Taylor Made

Taylor Made make quality boat covers that are priced at the higher end of the market.

They have a nice line of semi-custom Joan Boat covers from 11′ up to 18′. All semi-custom covers include a motor hood and come with a generous 5-year warranty.

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