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If you have a car and a small Jon Boat, you should purchase a trailer so that roof hauling does not damage your vehicle. Fortunately, Jon Boats are light and can easily be hauled through trailering.

Jon Boats come in many different sizes to accommodate the number of people that will be on the water. For each Jon Boat, there is an appropriate sized trailer. Jon Boats typically come in 10 to 20 foot sizes. Custom boats can be made all the way up to 28 feet.

Why Get A Trailer?

If you have a smaller Jon Boat and you venture out on the water regularly by yourself, it is highly recommended that you purchase a trailer. Jon boats are light, but they are not that light. You could easily hurt your back loading a Jon Boat on a car roof or placing it in the back of a truck.

The advantage of having a trailer is that you can load it and store it on the trailer so that it is ready for your next outing. If you don’t have a trailer, you will have to move it each and every time you go out.

What Kind of Trailer?

One does not need a full-sized pick-up to haul a Jon Boat. Most Jon Boats including the trailer weigh less than 1300 lbs.

When we take into consideration that an average car can safely tow 2000 lbs, a chief advantage of purchasing and owning a Jon Boat is that it can be trailered safely by most vehicles.

Trailer Hitch

First, you will have to have a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle if you currently do not have one. Trailer hitches are specific to each vehicle so you should make sure to have the proper one mounted. For example, a 2015 Chrysler 300 trailer hitch that includes the receiver can be purchased for less than $300 USD.

Trailer Buying Tips

Here are some tips for buying a Jon Boat trailer:

  • Always search for trailers that meet the highest legal standards.
  • Your trailer should have D.O.T. approved lights so that drivers behind you can easily spot your trailer and be aware when you are braking.
  • Flat bunks are very important. Boats have several different shaped bottoms and because Jon Boats are flat, the bunks should also be. Otherwise, the boat will not secure properly and may end up falling off the trailer.
  • Also look for carpeted bunks. The bunks are the platforms that your boat rides on. If they are not carpeted, they have the potential to scratch or damage the bottom of your boat.
  • Make sure the welds on your trailer are smooth and appear to be able to withstand bumps. Surely, you will be towing your Jon Boat on dirt roads which can be very bumpy and can shake a poorly built trailer apart.
  • Check to make sure that the winch system operates smoothly and properly.

Jon Boat Trailer Manufacturers

There are several companies that manufacture Jon Boat trailers in various sizes.

Some of the companies that make flat-bottom Jon Boat trailers are:

RoadKing Trailers

This company makes two models of Jon Boat trailers. They are both made of aluminum and galvanized aluminum which makes them long lasting.

The model RKG- 14 and RKG-16W have the following features:

Flat frame trailer, fully welded frame, adjustable tongue roller or pad, galvanized fenders, and adjustable 2 X 4 upright or flat bunks.

McClain Trailers

This Company makes a few different sized standard Jon Boat trailers and they are single-axle.

The sizes are for 12 to 14 ft boats, 14 to 17 ft boats and a 16 foot trailer that has special features.

The 12 to 14 ft boat trailer’s features include: aluminum and galvanized aluminum construction, two 8 inch tires, winch stand with a 20 ft strap, galvanized fenders, safety chains, D.O.T. approved lighting, and adjustable boards for different sized boats.

The 14 to 17 ft boat trailer’s features are the same as the 12 to 14 ft trailer; with the exception of tire size. This trailer has 12 inch tires to accommodate larger Jon Boats.

The 16 ft boat trailer has special features and it costs quite a bit more than the other two. The features of this trailer are: galvanized construction, 4.8 inch by 12 inch tires, it can be converted to a tandem axle, removable swing tongue, it is designed for side boards and a swing jack which are both sold separately.

McClain can also manufacture custom Jon Boat trailers for any size boat.

Backwater Trailers

Backwater sells Jon Boats and the trailers to match. Backwater trailers are custom made to properly match your boat and are specifically designed to withstand low water landings and late season conditions. They have the following features:

  • A hot dipped galvanized frame
  • Galvanized torsion axles
  • 13 inch galvanized wheels
  • 10 foot bunks
  • Carpeted guide on runners

A diamond plate floor and smooth sides can be added to any custom Backwater trailer.

C. E. Smith Trailer

This Company makes a Multi-Purpose Trailer that is ideal for towing smaller Jon Boats.

You purchase the trailer in a kit and then assemble it using common tools. It will carry up to a 12 foot Jon Boat. The trailer is made of galvanized steel and built strong to carry up to 800 pounds.

It includes DOT approved lights, winch stand, winch, hook and strap, a pair of 5 foot adjustable carpeted bunk boards with dual supports, 4.8 inch by 8 inch tires, and a hitch coupler with safety chains.

The trailer is rated for highway speeds. Also, the winch stand can be mounted anywhere along the tongue to balance the load.

In conclusion, there are quite a few companies that make Jon Boat trailers and you do have a variety to choose from.

Examine the trailer carefully before purchase and make sure you do not sacrifice quality for price. You want a trailer that will last you many years, as you pursue trophy fish or game.

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