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Unless you want to paddle all around bodies of water, your Jon Boat should have a good motor.

What Size of Motor?

Jon boats are light and really do not need too big of a motor. Due to this fact, you can choose a motor that is quiet and will get you to your favorite fishing or hunting spot quickly.

A small boat can easily be powered by an electric motor. Generally, a 10 to 12 foot boat with one passenger can be powered by a motor with 30 lbs of thrust.

Know Your Weight

The weight of your boat is the most important factor to examine when looking for an appropriate motor.

The lighter the boat, the less motor “thrust” it will need to efficiently push it. The thrust of a motor indicates how powerful it is in pounds and can range anywhere from 30 lbs all the way up to greater than 100 lbs for large and heavy boats powered by an outboard motor.

Know Your Water

When choosing a motor, always consider the bodies of water that you plan on fishing or hunting.

If you are entering waters that have a strong current, you should choose a motor that has more thrust. Conversely, if you plan on boating on a calm pond or lake, you will probably be fine with the minimum thrust required.

Jon Boat Motor Prices

Electric Jon Boat motors have a wide range in price. The difference in price is due to the motor’s features. You can expect to spend anywhere from around $300 all the way up to $1500. Some people prefer to buy a small outboard motor instead of electric and there are many to choose from.

Jon Boat Motor Manufacturers

Here are some of the more popular Jon Boat motor manufacturers:


The Japanese powerhouse, they’ve been selling boat engines in America for over 50 years. They have a detailed ranged of portable 2hp – 20hp outboard motors which are
great for any size of Jon Boat.


Nissan are another Japanese company that do well in the American market (sigh). You can’t take away that they make good motors and their 3.5hp models are great for smaller Jon Boats.


Evinrude are an American company that were established in 1907. They have a great range and their “E-Tech” engines are 2-stroke and approved by the EPA for emissions.

Minn Kota

Another Minn Kota specialize in electric trolling motors which are great for duck hunting. The Minn Kota Endura and Traxxis models are firm favorites but they do have a lot of excellent models to choose from.


The oldest Japanese boat manufacturer, they make some great 8hp – 9.9hp (60 – 100lbs) outboards that are perfect for 10ft – 14 ft aluminium Jon Boats.


Started over 75 years ago in Wisconsin, Mercury’s motors are beloved by Jon Boaters. If you’ve got the money, their 9.9HP 4-stroke outboard motor really packs a kick. As it’s under 10hp you also don’t need a boating license.


Suzuki completes the handful of Japanese manufacturers on this list. It’s hard to get much better than a Suzuki 6HP DF6 for a 12 foot Jon Boat.

Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels are San Francisco-based company. They have only been around since 2008 but they’re making a new for themselves with their reliable budget engines. If you’ve a smaller Jon Boat and are looking at doing salt water fishing, the 36lb NV Series is a great little motor.

Motor Guide

Another American company, Motor Guide specialize in electric trolling motors for fishing. If your looking for a motor that mounts easily and is foot-controlled (leaving your hands free) then take a look at their “Bulldog” range of motors.

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